Corporate Finance

Our strength ...

... is the development of client-specific alternative solutions and the implementation of all corresponding measures after the qualified decision for the right track has been made.

To develop enterprises implies to us to adequately accommodate the essential role of the equity capital base and the shareholder structure through an active and forward-looking structuring of a company’s financing.

Our comprehensive know-how in the area of equity capital and corporate finance makes us a most qualified partner for both the structuring of sales and acquisitions of enterprises as well as the financing of all different kinds of transactions:

Management Buy-Out/In (MBO/MBI)

The management wants to buy its enterprise from the present owners, frequently as a result of either a missing succession or a discordant shareholder structure. In the course of such a transaction incumbent management can also be complemented by outside managers (MBI) who invest their own equity.

Owner Buy-Out

Due to a diverse shareholder structure, managing partners feel impaired in realizing growth opportunities and therefore require financing in order to buy out inactive shareholders.


Due to a strategic repositioning, a corporate group wishes to divest certain entities to other enterprises, financial investors or management.


Additional Equity Capital, Mezzanine Capital, Bank-Guarantees may by considered in case shareholders require capital for financing an upcoming period of growth or want to improve the company’s bank rating without selling shares.

Mergers & Acquisitions

comprise the purchase and sale of shares of or participations in other enterprises. Reasons could be unsolved succession or management problems, intense competition within a business sector, or an unsatisfactory level of competitiveness by the company.