Our strength ...

... is the broad experience gathered from a huge number of implemented solutions. We are familiar with these problems and are happy to serve as trustworthy and discreet discussion partners. With the appropriate distance from the daily routine we contribute professionalism and the required objectivity to generate creative solutions.

Owners, particularly managing partners, identify themselves to a high extent with their enterprise and its development. The responsible owner raises important questions regularly with respect to the retention of created values, the preservation of jobs and the future sustainability of his enterprise. He must assess alternative courses of action professionally and develop as well as implement strategies. He seeks professional answers to the following questions:

  • Is the financing structure of my enterprise still adequate and up-to-date?
  • Is the shareholder structure capable of making quick and professional decisions regarding investments, growth and competition?
  • Has the management and shareholder succession been arranged for in case of a sudden demise of the owner?
  • Is his retirement well prepared? Are potential successors from the family or the management qualified to run the business and prepared to meet future challenges?

The owner of an enterprise is frequently lacking an impartial and professional partner for discussions in order to debate these questions. These strategic questions can rarely be discussed in full openness with the company's own management, other shareholders or the family.