Turnaround management, management of shareholdings, generation change

Mid-market engineering and production group, global supplier for the food and pharmaceutical industry


The enterprise had committed itself with great financial effort to the international engineering and project business. Heavy losses had arisen instead of the expected return, the core business had been neglected by the management and was in crisis. The owner family was confronted with a threatening liquidity shortage and excessive indebtedness. The family decided to initiate a radical restructuring.


IMC partners developed a restructuring concept and implemented it after a thorough analysis of the sustainability of the market potential and structure:

  • Replacement of essential management positions.
  • Implementation of a controlling system for the management of the group and its individual companies.
  • Product-oriented reengineering of the core business.
  • Regular close communication with the bank pool.
  • Realization of the succession by initiation of a MBI.

The group became successful again and redeems its loans according to plan.